Thursday, August 27, 2009


Today was an amazing day. We had our 1o-11 week appointment. To hear the baby's heartbeat is such a great feeling. It makes this pregnancy seem more real. I guess there is a real reason why I have put on a few pounds, although I think the Dr's scales are always off anyways. Max was good enough to take part of the day off and come with me. I think he was a little shocked to find out how awkward female dr. appointments can be. He took it pretty well but only because he knows it is going to get more awkward. He laughed at the so called sheet I got to wear. The appointment was pretty quick and painless so I can't complain. I go back in a month and then again in October to find out the baby's sex. My mom is going to be visiting that week so it will be really exciting. I have a feeling she is going to be living in san diego for half the year when this little baby comes. I know it kills her to be away.
Time is going by really quick. I am not as nauseous anymore, thanks to the prescripton. All I want to do is sleep, I can't get enough. If there were 5 more hours in a day I would be happy. We are going home this wed Sept. 2nd and can't wait to see family and friends. Labor Day weekend is a huge holiday for the Hammonds and the Maughans. Max's family spends the weekend up at the cabin. My sister-in-law Amie is going to be there and she is just a few weeks behind me. I think we talk everyday to see how each is feeling. My dad is in charge of the Wellsville Founders Day Golf tournament. We always look forward to this. He puts such hard work all year long to make sure this thing runs smoothly. Max and I are playing with My sister and her husband. My mom is having all the Maughans over on Labor Day. It will be nice to see cousins and family we havent seen in awhile.


Josh and Heidi said...

Marnie and Max!! CONGrATS! That is so awesome! I would love to blogstalk you hope you don't mind haha! hope you are feeling better :)

Filipe, Joei and Miranda said...

Love the new layout - you little blogger you! I really wish we were going to be there for Labor Day, I'll be thinking of all of you this weekend! Love you!

The Sagers said...


Saw your blog link on Kami's blog and decided to check yours out. It's so cute and you sound like you are doing so well. Hope that everything goes well with the pregnancy. What a good mom you will be. Our blog address is www.stacey-sagers.blogspot.com.