Sunday, February 12, 2012

JAN/FEB 2012

Our month of January was very crazy. Colds for 2 weeks, a trip to the ER for my back, multiple doctor appointments, $1300 stolen out of our bank account, and a not so good call from home saying Max's dad was in ICU - we made a trip to Utah all in the mix of this. The good news is: Everyone is feeling better, Max's dad is doing better, the money got put back in our account, and we got to see family/friends for a few days.
My mom came back with us to help me with the kids while I had physical therapy for my back. I love when she comes. She is a huge help! She cant sit still though. She always has to be cleaning, doing dishes, or yard work. I feel really guilty but my house hasn't looked this good in a long time! I had some really cute pictures on my camera of her with the kids and Skyler with his cousins but Skyler got a hold of my camera last week and deleted every picture we have taken for the past 2 years. I was so sad but luckily I have most of them saved on the computer.

Taygen went in for her 5 month appointment. She weighs 14lbs 2 oz ( 28%) and is 24 inches ( 23%) She is getting so big! She has been scooting around and trying to crawl. She can scoot across the whole room. We started her on baby food and she loves it. She cant get enough. She is still pretty high maintenance and loves (demands) to be held. She is not a great sleeper. Only taking 30 minute naps and at night she wakes up every 2 hours. She slept better as a newborn. I thought giving her baby food would help but I think she likes waking up to make sure I am still around! She loves watching Skyler and giggles at him and mickey mouse alot. Its pretty dang cute.

This happy little monkey is every where these days. He is such a climber and I am amazed how his short little legs can get him where they do. The kitchen counter and the bathroom counter are some of his favorites. He is talking so much. He loves telling us the color of things and counting to 11. He is a great sleeper ( good thing or we wouldn't be getting any sleep) He loves to play with his friends and plays really good with others. I can't believe he is going to be 2 in a couple of weeks.

One of his favorite treats since he was 1 is cookies. He could eat them all day. He recently tried cookies and milk and kept saying "more cookies"

Then there is this guy! He is such a great husband and father. He is always willing to help me and watch the kids so I can do a few things. Our kids love playing with their dad and light up when he comes home from work!

As of now we are not going to the east coast but we find out about recruiter, embassy duty, drill instructor in the next month. We have some big decisions to make. We are so used to the military life that it seems scary to get out. Max is coming up on his 3 years in the school house and he will be leaving soon. If he denies orders to be a recruiter and the others listed above he will most likely go to a unit that is deploying in oct-nov and go for 6-7 months. After that he gets out Oct 2013.