Monday, September 12, 2011


these should be at the bottom with the rest of them.

Things around here have been a little crazy-busy but I wouldn't change it for the world. I feel so lucky to have had Max's parents and my moms help I don't know what we would have done without them.

Skyler is loving his little "SISSY". He is really cute with her and gives her hugs and kisses every chance he gets. We got him a little slide and swing and he loved it. We put it in the house because it was 104 outside. Skyler has been talking a lot and repeats everything we say.

I love this picture of these 2. Max was a little sleepy

Skyler is always interested in what Taygen is doing. He doesn't like it when she cries and he curls his lip. Its a good thing she rarely cry.

Some friends from my new ward threw me a baby shower. Taygen got spoiled. Anna made this super cute Diaper cake. I didn't want to take it apart. She is very talented.

I love this outfit, girls are fun to dress!

Who ever said men couldn't multi-task? Max is really good at it. I have a hard time holding them both. He is such a great daddy to both these kids. We are lucky to have him.

Cute picture with grandma Cheryl. She is awesome and never stops. I feel guilty when she is here because she is always cleaning...scrubbing floors, dishes, laundry, cleaning cars, yard work etc. I can't tell you how much I appreciate and love her!

One thing Skyler is struggling with is.....binkies and bottles. He is always stealing them and running off laughing as he is being chased. The other day he grabbed the breast milk bottle and put it to his mouth and said ummmmmm. When I took it away he started to cry. funny boy

my mom gave Taygen this adorable blanket with her name and date of birth on it. It is adorable! At her 2 week appointment she gained a pound weighing in at 7 lbs 9 oz and gained an inch ( 19 1/2 )

We got a call Thursday Sept 1st that my grandma Maughan had passed away. It was very shocking because my mom and I had talked to her 45 minutes before she passed away. It was very hard to hear but I know she is in a better place now and happy with her sweetheart my grandpa.
With that news we left that night to drive to utah. We usually come up every Labor Day weekend but with Taygen just being born we weren't going to go.

skyler spent most of his time on the four wheeler while we were up there. He loves it

Cute picture with gramps, lola and cousin emma

Skyler also got to play with friends Ethan and Parker

Grandma Hammond got to meet sweet Taygen!

Grandma Jeanne's funeral. I am so happy I got to name Taygen after her and grandpa. This happen to be my birthday and I can't think of a greater gift them having grandpa and grandma together again.

I love this sleeping baby. She makes noise like a little sheep when she sleeps. Its pretty funny to hear.

hanging with uncle kade!


My sister Missy and niece Ellie. Skyler loves her kids and could play with them all day!

Grandpa MOO

Such a little helper!

These pictures were taken when Taygen was 8 days old. I didn't have time to post them before we left for utah. I am glad we got one of these 2 together.

Skyler even got in on the action

Gotta love big bows and tutus!

Taygen looks a lot like Skyler when she doesn't have all the girly stuff on.

I love dog tag pictures