Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

Max got a text friday morning that his parents were on their way from Phoenix to come see us for the weekend. They got there 5 hours later and the kids were excited to see them.

We went to the Harbor to eat Fish. Skyler loved the boats, water and french fries.

The easter bunny came to visit and Skyler was so excited. Taygen of course just thought it was another day.

I found this sun hat and thought it would be perfect for summer. Taygen even kept it on for awhile.

Skyler sleeps with this basketball. He loves his new hoop!

We finally moved him into his BIG BOY bed. He has done so good! He never gets out and sleeps in till at least 7. He even naps in there. I cant believe my Skyler is getting so big.

These 2 love the swing!

Taygen's Easter dress.

When we moved Skyler to his big boy bed we also got Taygen's room together. She even slept in there till 6am today. (only waking up twice looking for her binkie) Hopefully she starts sleeping through the night.

skyler used to be so good at taking pictures. Now he cries when we try to get one.

I know I should probably be happier about this. I cant believe at almost 8 months this girl is pulling herself up and crawling every where. She gets any where she wants and loves to follow skyler around the house. She might take after her brother and start walking at 10 months. She loves walking around and holding onto our fingers. She thinks she is a pretty big girl!

We had a pool day a few weeks ago. Skyler loves to play in the water. He has the cutest personality. He loves to help me sweep, do dishes, and vacuum. The other day we went to the park and saw a boy about 6 years old and said " Lets play friend!" and then tried to keep up with him on the slide. I thought it was adorable! He makes me laugh all day long.

one of my favorites of Taygen. She giggled the whole time she was swinging.

Mikah came to see us 2 weeks ago. Him and Max were able to get some golf in and eat at Max's favorite curry restaurant.

Typical day at our house. Taygen waiting for Skyler to drop his sippy or some food. My friend Lynnette said it best "Bunk has some competition"

Skyler being a diva again. He was mad about his shoes and not smiling again.

bath time!

Taygen had a check up last week and she weighs in at 15lb 15 oz (22%) and height was 26 inches (42%). She had to get 4 shots. She didnt even cry till the last one. I felt so bad for the poor thing.

Max was sent to a new unit last week. We are staying in Cali for now! (good thing cause I love this place) Things are still up in the air with no set dates but he is deploying oct-nov. Things are going to be crazy this summer with him doing training but hopefully we can make the best of it. This will be his 1st deployment since we have had kids and it makes me pretty nervous. Good thing I have supportive parents who will be with me every step of the way. There is going to be alot of driving back and forth to cali over the next year.