Thursday, October 15, 2009

IT'S A BOY!!!!!

Today was a great day. We went to the Doctor to find out the sex of the baby. My mom has been here visiting so she got to come with us. Max has been saying all along that he thought it was a boy and we were just going to the Doctor to confirm that. Him and my mom even had a bet on what the baby was going to be. The ultrasound was amazing. We got to see every part of our baby's body. The tech was typing things on the computer so we knew what we were looking at. The last part of the ultrasound she wrote "Boy parts". The look on Max's face was priceless. He loved every minute of hearing that he was right. I had an exam after the ultrasound. My Doc said I was measuring a little big but she didnt move up my due date : (. I only gained 2lbs this last month. She told me I need to gain a pound a week. I guess I have a hard time pleasing her with my weight. One month it is too much, the next it isnt a enough. Maybe next month I can make her happy.
We were on our way to lunch and Max being the good driver he is ran right through a red light. Not that this was the first red light he has ran through but he had so much on his mind about this baby boy I guess he wasnt paying much attention. At least it wasnt a camra light and another $500 ticket. After Lunch my mom and me went shopping for our baby boy. We bought his first little outfits. I cant wait till march. Now if we can figure out a name?????


Laurie said...

I am so happy for you. I thing that boys are easier then girls. Good luck on picking a name. Mac and I always have a hard time picking boy names. I can't wait to hear the names you guys come up with. It is good to keep in touch with you. Good luck with trying to making your doctor happy.

Filipe, Joei and Miranda said...

Just kidding Marns! I am so happy for you guys - can't wait to meet him!
Love you!

Taylor Jewell said...

So, this might be weird but I found your blog and noticed you lived in Cali. We just moved there too. Congrats on the baby news. How exciting. I remember doing my observation at Dr. Anderson's office and you were so nice to me and helped me a bunch. Thanks. Good luck with the baby.

Jalane said...

Marnie it's Jalane Devin's sister. Im so excited for you guys!! Congrats! I just barely found your blog and was excited to see what you guys are up to-wow I didnt know it was having a baby! I hope you dont mind me checking out your blog? Email me your email to jcchristiansen@msn.com and I would love to invite you to my blog!