Thursday, May 3, 2012


Uncle Bubba and Aunt Amber (amen is what Skyler called her) came to see us for a few days. Skyler and Bunk couldn't get enough of these 2. Skyler loved to have them read books and play and bunk just loved the attention.

 We went to a padres game. I thought Skyler would love watching it but he was more interested in laying on the ground and playing with the peanut shells. The highlight of the game was Skyler getting on the Jumbo tron. The camera man zoomed right in on him sucking on a bright blue sucker. It was pretty funny. My friend Lynnette watched Taygen for us.

 Taygen  also enjoyed playing with them. Nate drove her around on the four-wheeler a lot. She loved it.
 We had a fun time with them coming down. The weather was great. We even found Nate a few USC things
 My mom and Aunt Nan came down the week before Nate and Amber.
                 Skyler loves feeding his puppy like I feed Taygen. He even helps me feed Taygen. Most of it doesn't end up in her mouth.
 Now that it is getting warmer Taygen is starting to wear all those fun girly dresses!
 In between our visitors we met Jon, Sonya, Crystal, Kasey and their cute girls over by Disney Land. It was great to catch up with them.

                                           I love this picture of my mom with the kids at the park!
                 This is also a great one with Nan (nene is what Sky called her) enjoying the warm weather
                            We went to the duck pond! This thing is filled with ducks and turtles.
        We had a fun time with them here. We loved laying in the sun while the kids were sleeping.
 This little girl is all over the place. She tries to take steps by herself but just falls down. I have a feeling she will be walking soon. Skyler has been learning the ABC's this week and is doing good. He talks so much. The other day I ran into the other room while him and Taygen were playing. I found him with his arm around Taygen singing a song max and I always singing to him and then saying I love you. It melted my heart. He is such a sweetheart and a great big brother. He is very patient with Taygen and lets her crawl all over him.  He also has a new found love for Root Beer. The other day he kept bringing me his cup saying "more beer please" He keeps us laughing!

                                        Wearing our neighbor Jeannie's shoes!

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