Friday, November 11, 2011


Taygen got blessed by Max on Nov 6th. He did such an amazing job. Taygen woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. I had a feeling she would cry through the whole blessing...she did but it was still a great day. Girls are such drama.

She wasn't up for getting pictures that morning either so we only were able to get a few.

3 people were taking pictures at the same time.

Skyler's new thing is putting on everyones shoes. He loves it and thinks he is so funny.

Grandma Cheryl. Her and my dad were so good to watch the kids so I could get a few things done. I miss them already and they haven't even been gone 24 hours.

Taygen has been smiling a lot when we talk to her. I love this stage when they start to interact a little more.

Skyler thinks he needs to be in the swing when Taygen isn't. I am waiting for the day it breaks. He loves playing in this cute tent he got.

They both love watching mickey mouse clubhouse. Its the only time Taygen will let us put her down.

Taygen has already mastered the Duck/kissy face picture. In 16 years this will probably be the only way she takes pictures like most girls that age.

love that smile!

Saying good bye to GRANDPA MOO. My dad was so cute with him and they played outside all day long. As soon as Sky got up in the morning he would walk up to the door and say "SIDE" My dad had a hard time say no to that and "DRINK" and "TREAT" Of course Skyler would always say "PLEASE" and "THANK YOU" to butter him up.

I wish I lived in the same town as my parents. It would be nice to see them more.

Bunk has to get in on the fun my dad and sky were having in the tent.

This is a cute picture of these 2.

Taygen is chunken out and catching up to those chubby cheeks!

He wants to be like daddy.

Its crazy how dogs can sense they need to be gentle around a baby.

Skyler saying bye to "GRAMPS" AND "YAYA" (LOLA)

Such a cute picture with uncle wally

Its always nice to spend time with family. I was so glad the Hammond's stayed more then the usual 2 nights with us. It didn't feel so rushed and they could do most of the things they like to do down here.

236th birthday of the marines! My parents watched the kids so we could have a night out.

Our good friends Joseph and Kelly Crews

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