Friday, October 21, 2011

2 months and 19 month check ups

Wednesday night as we were laying in bed Taygen started coughing really hard and then choking. It seemed like it lasted for 20 minutes but it was more like 2-3 minutes. We were freaking out. She never turned blue which was good but it was so sad to see her go through that. We decided to take her to the ER to see how her lungs sound and make sure it wasn't anything too serious. The ER doc walks in and Taygen is laying on the bed all smiles. He asked if she was the one sick. ( although I looked like it with no makeup my hair pulled back, and sweats on.) Her lungs, temp, and breathing all were fine. The doc said it was reflux. I didn't think she had it because it wasn't after eating it was only when she was coughing. She has coughed so hard and choked a few more times since and every time she does it I get so scared. At her appt today her regular doc said it is something viral and it will just have to work its course. Hopefully it doesn't last long because I don't know how much of that I can take. I don't ever let her out of my sight ( not that she really lets me anyways)

2 month check up. She is 22 inches long and 10lbs 11 oz. I cant wait for the rest of her body to catch up to those chubby cheeks! She had to have 5 shots. It was so sad. She lost it on the 3rd one. I don't blame her, I would have to. Despite her hard week she has been full of smiles and (screams)!

19 month check up. Skyler is 31 inches long and weighs 25lbs ( even though he feels more like 50lb) He is solid and my arms hurt after holding him too long. He had 3 shots and didn't like them much but quickly changed his mind after I gave him a sucker. He is learning so many new words and talks a lot.

I love it!

Max doesn't take pictures that well but at least he got everyones face in the picture!

I love this picture of Skyler. It was taken at Kaydence's birthday party a few weeks back. Doesn't he look like a chunk?

I am obsessed with animal print and hot pink. My poor little girl. I don't dress up so I take it out on her. But she does look adorable!

He loves his SISSY

Skyler is (usually ) so sweet with her. He doesn't like it when she cries though.

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I seriously LOVE your family. You kids are so cute. I have to tell you that Friday Paxton just had his 16 month check up & he weights 23 lb & is 32 1/4 tall. HAHAHAHA I don't thinks its Sklyer I think its Paxton. He is a MOOSE.