Thursday, February 10, 2011


Things don't always go as planned when you are buying a house ( I'm sure most of you know) Dates are always getting pushed back, people aren't communicating like they should, the paperwork isn't always right. Having a VA loan we weren't suppost to have money down but $6,000 later I am wondering why I was given wrong information. We signed monday night and found out 24 hours before that we needed an additional deposit of $2,300. Which we had but it would have been nice to know more than a day before. The paperwork we were given was different from the paperwork the notary had. We were suppost to get keys on Friday ( tomorrow)and now we are not getting them till tuesday. Apparently Riverside County is celebrating Lincoln's Birthday on friday when it is saturday. I really hope they enjoy their holiday...umm okay not really. This house stuff is giving me really bad anxiety and I can not wait for it to be done with. I would like to get some sleep and not be sick to my stomach all the time. There is a end to all this....hopefully sooner than later.
Skyler is walking every where, constantly moving around. He loves to get into things in the kitchen and pull all the pots/pans out. He will sometimes clap for himself if we forget to when he walks. He loves our phones and is constantly calling or texting people ( sorry to those who have received messages) He loves the camera and can't get enough of wheel of fortune. He will get as close to the TV as he can to watch it. We are excited for his birthday party at the new house ( if no more "HOLIDAYS" come up) I am hoping my next post I will have #1... a better attitude with no more anxiety #2... pictures of the house.


White Folk said...

Don't worry Marn...it does get better cause the whole process is eventually over! Just think...in the next few days you'll be living in your very own house! So friggin' exciting! Plus you have Old Jan to help you move in! :) We are praying for yall that peace and harmony may soon flow from the Hammond House:) Parks also sends Sky a shout out for his B-Day!!!!

Lacy, Cody, & the girls said...

First of all, Skyler has got the cutest lil smile!! He is so adorable! Isn't crazy to have the so mobile and going crazy all over your house and getting into stuff? Wait til he can run--LOL! Then you'll say "Wait! When did you get so fast?!" :)
So how come you ended up having to pay so much with the VA loan? We got a VA loan with our house last summer too but didn't have to pay any down payment or anything. Just curious. But good luck with all that final detail stuff. It will be SO nice to have it all done and you can get settled & enjoy your own home! How exciting! Can't wait to see pics!

Skewes Fam said...

Congratulations! That is a big and scary step but super exciting! I want to see some pictures of your new place when you get settled!