Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I have been trying to get a good picture of what Bunk does while Skyler is on his playmat. Such a funny and strange dog. He loves Skyler and constantly wants to be next to him. He has been really good with him and knows what he can and can not do.

Last week Skyler tried rice cereal. He wasn't a big fan of plain cereal. I think he is even a bit like his dad when it comes to textured food. He gagged a few times but seemed to get a bit of it down

Not a big fan if you can't tell by his face.

After a few tries we added some carrots and he loved it. He couldn't get enough. He would cry everytime we took the spoon away. Then he would start to shake when he was fed another spoonful.


McGinnis Family said...

That picture of Bunk, by the playmat, is HILARIOUS!!!! I laughed so dang hard!

Jason, Tenaya, and Carter Garrett said...

such a cute baby. Gavin the cereal when i first tried it. but i either add applesauce or squash and he does the same shaking, crying thing. Bunk is a doll. hope everything is going great!

Filipe, Joei, Miranda and Nico said...

Aww, Bunkers! That is so damn funny! I can't believe how big that little guy is getting - makes me smile everytime I see new pics!

Ragen said...