Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Skyler got his 2 month shots yesterday. This little man is a trooper. I thought he was going to be screaming all day and night but he didn't. He did fine on the first one, then the 2nd one came and he let out a little cry. We gave him his binky and he was good to go. He has put on 3.3lbs in the past month. He jumped up to the 26th percentile. The Doc said " Well he definately isnt starving" He is now 22 inches long. Skyler smiles alot. He looks you right in the face and follows you when you move. He is getting so big, so quick. BUNK loves Skyler and is very good around him. Bunk goes crazy over lazors or flashes but when he is next to Skyler I can take a picture without him even moving. ( this never happened before Skyler)
I have decided to do P90X to lose these last 10lbs of baby weight. I am only on my 3rd day and my body is so sore. Max has been so great to help with Skyler so I can work out. He is now working nights for the next 2 months. He goes in at 4 and is home by 11 ( mon-thurs) I love this new schedule. It gives us more time to spend together. We are waiting to see if our offer has been accepted on a house. We find out the end of this week. Wish us luck! We have been looking so long I am almost ready to give up.


Matt and Jen Thompson said...

Sounds like you are enjoying motherhood. Isn't it the best? You might have your days where you can't wait to go to sleep, but sounds like you are just loving every minute. Love ya!

Pamela said...

He is sooo cute Marnie! Next time you come to Logan CALL ME! I want to see you guys!