Sunday, April 18, 2010


Skyler is growing....... I can't believe my little handsome man is 7 weeks already. It seems like yesterday my water broke and Max was talking me into going to the hospital. I know I say this everytime but he is still such a sweet little guy. I can't imagine life without him. He is eating every 2 hours and is packing on the pounds. I don't know exactly what he weighs but I think it is around 9 1/2 lbs. He is staying awake a little longer now during the day. He is starting to smile a little bit more. I can't wait till he does it all the time. Since my mother left last week, I have had to go on walks with Bunk and Skyler. This can be quit interesting at times when Bunk sees another dog and wants to play. My neighbors look at me a little funny but I am getting better at pushing a stroller with one hand and walking a 60lb beast with the other. Speaking of Bunk : My nipple shields were found on friday. Where you ask? Where else Bunks puke. Oh yes, Bunk puked and 2 shields came up. I know that had to have given him a belly ache. He kept them down for 2 whole weeks. Most of the time I worry about that poor dog ( something just isnt right with him ) We definately didnt get the brightest crayon from the box. But we do love him and he makes us laugh. The pictures below: Skyler is like his Grandpa Moo when it comes to bathtime. He loves to soak and could stay in for hours. The little onies was from my friend Chelsey. It matches perfect with Max's camies. I thought it was adorable. Thanks Chels. Also in his green outfit. I love colored socks, always have. Our friend Holly and my mother-in-law Deb gave us these. They are absolutely adorable. They look like little shoes and come in all different colors and types. For little girls they have ballerina shoes, cowgirl boots ect. They are called Trumpette socks if anyone is interested. You can also get knock off ones at target. Thanks guys I love them and little Skyler looks so handsome! One more thought: I love Shutterfly. It is a photo website you can make alot of fun things. I made Skyler a scrapbook for his first 6 weeks. I will post pics when it comes. You guys should check it out.


Jason, Tenaya, and Carter Garrett said...

he is so cute. I can not believe that we had our kids just days apart. I am so glad to hear that things are going so well for you all. such a cute little family!

Casey and Amy said...

I can't beleive he is that old already!! So cute! Congrats!