Saturday, December 12, 2009

25 weeks.

More than half way done! its flying by and I am starting to get nervous. Not so much about taking care of a newborn baby but the whole labor and delivery. Thinking about it really freaks me out. I had a Doctor's appointment on thursday. My weight and baby's heartbeat are good. I am measuring right on 25 weeks. The only bad news I got (which was a few days before the appointment) was my blood test for gestational diabetes came back high. But only 1 out of the 4 test. From what the doc said I dont have it but my chances are pretty high. She wants me to go see a endocrinologist. Hopefully everything turns out okay because I hate stressing over things. Work is already driving me nuts. I wanted to stay working till Feb but I dont know if I can last that long. It makes me sad because I used to love my job.
We are going home for xmas on sat the 19th for 2 weeks. I cant wait to see everyone for longer than 5 minutes. It is hard when we make a 3 or 4 day trip. We never have time to do anything. This last week has been pretty stressful between work, the blood test, and Bunk. Poor little Bunk always has the most random things go wrong with him. We had a pretty traumatic experience at the vet last tuesday. I am so glad that it is over. I need to thank my mom for passing on the gag reflex to me. The vet looked at me like I was so crazy and needed to control myself.
Anyway, we still havent decided on a boy name but I figure we have plenty of time. Max and I will lay in bed at night and randomly spit out names but nothing is sticking. So any ideas let us know.

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Jen and Ben said...

Hey Marnie
Thanks for sending me your blog:) It was good to see you guys over Christmas and hope you are feeling better;)
Our blog is private, so just let me know your e-mail address and I will send you an invite.